Under The Moon

We were just cruising along the country roads out near my house, when we looked each other in the eyes. what I saw was the most beautiful face and the most beautiful brown intelligent eyes, I knew that she was growing tired of just going around in a grid pattern following roads. I switched my truck into four wheel drive so we could make it through this next spot that could have gotten us stuck.
once we were through we found ourselves getting out of my truck. I left the music playing but very low, she doesnt like all the little noises that you hear in the country side after dark. once we were out of my truck we crawled up onto the truck bed to enjoy the beautiful view of the moon lit lake I took us to. She had no idea how beautiful a small little lake could be after dark, she feasted her eyes upon the view while I was sating mine on her glowing moon lit face. every now and again she would catch me admiring her, but she would just quickly look the other way. finally once she settled in to the new surroundings we began to talk, she would talk about her day and the current problems she had and I would listen with all attention.
our legs grew tired of sitting on the tail gate of my truck so I took her hand and we walked along the pebble lined beach of the little lake. every step we took made a little crunch sound muffled from the moisture that was close at hand. after walking for about an hour we began heading back to the truck, as soon as we got to my truck I rushed to grab my jacket for her because I could just tell she was getting chilly. I picked her up and gently set her down on the tail gate while I gathered some sticks and small logs from the fallen trees near by to make a small fire. as the fire is crackeling I jump back up onto the tail gate, she schoots over towards me. I wrapped my arm around her and we slowly lean back to were we're lying on our backs, my arm still around her and her's still around me. We gaze up at the beautifully star lit sky, she moves her head closer to mine and whispers " I just saw a shooting star" I whispered back " I wish upon this little star that this night will never end". I begin to drift off to sleep and the next thing I feel was a warm little hand finding its way towards my cock. I thought I was dreaming it felt so good, this is my first time to ever have any one touch my cock. she rolled over to her side, she stared me in the face and I stared back. I couldnt resist but to not take her in my hands and kiss her ever so gently. she took my shirt off and my jeans all I had left was my boxers. while kissing her I took off her jacket and her shirt, she was wearing a black bra that of which held her delicious b-cup breasts.
She slipped her hands into my boxers and found my rock hard cock ready for her enjoyment.

To be continued..