Coffee With My Mother-in-law


Coffee With My Mother-in-law Chapter 1 My wife Leanne and I had managed to sell our business and we're lucky enough to retire in our mid 50s. We a house out in the country, about three hours drive away, so we decided to sell up our home in town and moved out there. We still wanted a place to stay in the city every now and then when we wanted to visit friends and family. My wife's mother had lost her husband about 15 years ago and was still living in their large family home so she had lots of space. We moved a bed and some furniture into one of her spare rooms so we could stay a couple of nights every month or so. My mother in law Joan was thrilled to have someone in the house because she was quite lonely. Leanne was happy as well because she was getting a bit worried about her mum's state of mind. Joan is 75 but otherwise still in good health and I have always got along with her. Chapter 2 The first time we stayed it was midsummer and in the middle of a heat wave. The house isn't air-conditioned and was very hot so we slept on top of the covers with our bedroom door open to let some breeze through. Joan was an early riser like myself but these days Leanne likes to sleep till about 8 am and doesn't appreciate getting woken up early. The first morning Joan was at our door at 6.30 am asking if we wanted a cup of coffee. I was awake but it woke Leanne and she was a bit grumpy about it and asked her mum not to wake her up so early. Well the next morning the same thing, Joan at our door at about 6.30am asking if we wanted coffee. This made Leanne even grumpier with her. We were driving home later that day and Leanne was complaining about how her mum kept coming in and waking her up. I said “Well we could just lock the door.” “No, it's too damned hot at the moment, maybe you should just sleep with your cock flopped out your boxers like you normally do, that might scare her off,” she suggested. “Probably give her a heart attack,” I added. We both laughed and didn't mention it again. After she had said that I couldn't get the thought of flashing my cock to Joan out of my head. Probably the only time I had ever thought of her in a sexual nature was nearly 35 years ago. It was when Leanne and I were dating, I would have been about 20 at the time. It was in their previous home that was much smaller than the house Joan has now. I was sleeping over at her place, on the couch of course. I got up through the night to go to the toilet and the toilet door was opposite Leanne's parent's bedroom. The door was open and I just happened to look in and there was Joan in the half light, completely naked and standing at the end of the bed. When my eyes eventually moved up from her black hairy bush, to her breasts then to her face she was looking straight at me.


 Our eyes locked for a few seconds, she didn't move, then I did the polite thing and went in to the bathroom. When I came out the door was closed. I have no idea what she was doing. I jerked off to the vision of her naked for quite some time after that. So I figured if I gave Joan a quick show I would be repaying the favour from all those years ago. She probably hadn’t seen a cock for over 15 years. Anyway the real purpose was to discourage her from coming in and waking us in the morning and if I got a cheap thrill out of it that was a bonus. Over the next few weeks I went through various scenarios. The bedroom was quite small and the foot of the bed faced the door with the door on my side of the bed so that was perfect. I tossed up between just a little knob peeking out, the whole cock, but finally decided to go the full show with full cock and balls out the leg of my boxers. I even rehearsed at home setting up my phone to take pictures from approximately where Joan would be standing at the door. I settled on lying on my back, slightly turned away from Leanne, cock and balls out the leg of my boxers, lower leg pulled up so my cock would lay along my leg. If I d****d my arm over my face I would be able to peek out under my arm to see the bottom half of the doorway but Joan would not be able to see that I was awake. After some experimenting l got the position just right. Whether my cock would be hard, semi or soft would just depend on the day. I was also going to prop up my phone on the bedside table and set it to record so I could see Joan's reactions. It was 3 weeks before we went back to Joan's place and I was getting very excited about carrying out my scheme. The day before we left I gave myself a good close trim around the privates. Leanne wasn't suspicious of this because I like to wear a cock ring on occasions these days and sometimes a ball ring. I am getting older and it's good to be able to keep a nice hard cock for longer. You don't want much hair when you wear those. A close trim keeps the hair out the way without all the maintenance and itching of shaving or waxing. Chapter 3 We arrived at Joan's in the late afternoon, had dinner and watched a bit of TV. When we went to bed that night I made sure to wear my most loose fitting boxers. The weather had cooled a bit so we slept under a sheet but still left the door open for a bit of breeze. I woke before the sun came up because I was so excited about the thought of flashing Joan my cock. I set up my phone to record and hitched up my boxers and got in my planned position with cock and balls out. I am uncut and I know from Leanne that her father was circumcised. When she first saw my cock she had said she had seen her father's cock by accident once and it was different to mine. So I decided to leave my foreskin over my cock head just for a bit of novelty value. I don't know if Joan had ever seen an uncircumcised cock before or one with all the hair trimmed off. It must have been about 20 minutes before I heard Joan moving around. I kept the sheet partially over me just in case I wanted to chicken out or if Leanne woke up, though she is usually a heavy sleeper. I lay perfectly still looking under my arm at the bottom of the doorway waiting for Joan to appear. My cock was slightly firm laying on my leg in anticipation. It seemed like an eternity but eventually Joan's feet appeared at the door, I heard a slight noise as if she was about to say something then stopped herself, then she moved away. Well she had definitely got an eyeful and a fright. I decided to keep still just in case and maybe 30 seconds later I saw her come back to the doorway. She didn't move, she was obviously having a good perv at my cock.


Wow, I could almost feel my 75 year old mother in law's eyes on my cock. Then I began to feel the blood start flowing. I am thinking if I get an erection while she is watching she will know this was on purpose, but I have no control over my cock. I can feel my foreskin starting to roll back off my knob as my cock starts to lengthen. Now I am starting to panic. My balls start to tighten, my cock starts to move. Then I hear Leanne say “God mum, what time is it?” I can hear the panic in Joan's voice as she stammers “Oh, ah, I was just seeing if you were ready for a coffee”. “No mum, it's too early, I just want to sleep a bit more. Maybe Rob wants one.” Leanne obviously hadn't seen what was going on. I didn't want Leanne to know I was flashing my cock to her mum, even though she suggested it I am sure she was just joking. I was also sure Joan didn't want Leanne to know she was standing there perving on her husband's dick. While they were talking I took this as my cue to pretend to wake up. So as casually as possible I rolled over a bit, pulled the sheet over me, yawned and opened my eyes. Just as well Joan had been distracted because now I had a full on erection. Joan looked at me and asked rather meekly “Would you like a coffee?” I said “Yeah, thanks that would be nice.” At that moment Leanne said “Well I'm going back to sleep.” With that she rolled away from me taking the sheet with her and pulling it off me. There I was with my cock exposed again and standing to full attention. I looked at Joan, she looked at me, we both looked at my cock. I tried to pull the sheet back over me but it was wrapped around Leanne. So I very clumsily grabbed it and stuffed it back in my boxers. It was out of site but still making quite a tent. I looked at Joan and with a pleading look on my face mouthed the word “Sorry”. She just looked at me with this sort of a half smile and said very quietly “I will get you your coffee”. Then she had a quick glance at my tent, turned and went to the kitchen. That was all way more than I bargained for. I got up, grabbed my phone to stop the recording and went out to the kitchen. Joan was there making the coffee. I said “Hey Joan, I am really, really sorry about that. I didn't mean to give you a fright like that.” She replied “No, no, that was my fault, I shouldn't just come barging into your bedroom like that.” “It's OK, it's your house. We should keep our door closed anyway,” I offered. “No, I know that room is a bit hot and stuffy so no need.” “ Well a least I should probably wear something other than boxers to bed when we're here, they don't keep much in.” “No, they don't do they,” Joan replied with a hint of a smirk.” “Look,” I said “I do enjoy my early morning coffee, but Leanne really does prefer to sleep in a bit. So if we just try not to wake her up it's fine.” “Sure,” she said. Then we had our coffee and just talked about other things as if nothing had happened. After coffee I went to the bathroom and checked out the video. Joan's initial reaction when she first looked in was definitely shock and she moved away quickly. When she came back the second time you could see she looked in cautiously at first but then she just stared at my cock until Leanne spoke. Then there was panic on her face. When the sheet came off my erect cock you could see her eyes move from my cock to my face, then that little smirk when I mouthed my apology. I had a raging hard on and had a quick wank and shot the biggest load I have done for a long time. The next morning I woke early and made sure I was covered this time. About 6.30 Joan cautiously poked her head around the corner of the door and very quietly asked if I wanted coffee. I said “Yes please,” and got out of bed to join her in the kitchen. I said “Thanks for not waking Leanne, and I made sure there was no floor show this morning.” She just kind of giggled and said “Oh well”. I didn't quite know what to make of that and a bit of a silence followed before she changed the subject and the morning continued as normal. We went home that day and that night I was still so horny thinking about Joan looking at my cock and maybe she actually enjoyed it. I fucked Leanne with lot more vigor than usual that night, so much so she asked what had gotten into me. Chapter 4 Our next trip to Joan's was a month later. It was a bit of a rush and we were only staying one night. I had had her “Oh well,” comment in my head since the last trip. Was she just making a bit of a joke or was she disappointed there was no show. I wasn't really game enough to take it any further and I had been feeling a bit guilty as well. I had even decided to bring some more modest long pyjama pants. In the morning at about 6.30 Joan looked into our bedroom. I was awake and sitting up playing on my phone with my pyjama pants on. As usual Joan asked if I wanted coffee but I think I noticed a hint of disappointment on her face. I got up and had coffee with her but that was all. Chapter 5 We were staying for 2 nights next time and it had been my birthday in between visits.


 When we arrived in the early evening Joan had put on a nice dinner for my birthday. After dinner she handed me small gift wrapped package. She seemed really nervous but said “Just a little gift for your birthday.” I tore open the wrapping and pulled out a pair of black satin boxer shorts. “I hope they're not too big, wasn't sure of your size,” Joan explained. Leanne said “It's OK mum, we can exchange them if they don't fit.” Obviously Leanne had no idea of the significance of this gift. I said “Thank you,” to Joan then leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek and whispered “Perfect to sleep in.” When I sat back Joan had a cheeky little grin on her face. Well it is now very obvious that Joan would be happy to see more of my cock. I put the new boxers on to go to bed. They were a little big for me but I think that was very intentional on Joan's behalf. Next morning I sat myself up in bed with my legs spread apart and my cock out the very loose leg of my new boxers. I played on my phone while waiting for Joan to appear. I was in a game and looked up and there was Joan standing in the doorway quietly staring between my legs. She noticed me now seeing her, she just smiled and said “Ready for our coffee?” “Yeah,” I replied and got out of bed and followed her to the kitchen. Joan just started with small talk. The following morning I slept a bit later and when I woke Joan was already standing in the doorway but didn't say anything, she just stood there with what was not quite a demanding look but certainly an expectant look on her face . Now I had a nice wake up hard-on. Leanne refuse to have sex when we were at her mum's house. So I adjusted my boxers so it was sticking out the fly, then threw the sheet off. I laid there with my rock hard cock standing to full attention. She smiled and looked quietly for maybe half a minute then said “I'll put the coffee on.” I still had a raging erection so I went to the bathroom and jerked off before going out to the kitchen. Joan set the coffee out and said “That feel better?” Did she know I had just gone and shot a load off in the bathroom? I was a bit put off guard and just dumbly said “Ah, yes thanks.” She replied “That's good, what do you feel like for breakfast this morning?” When we left that day I gave Joan a peck on the cheek and said “Thanks for the new boxers.” She replied “That's OK, they look good on you.” Then gave me a little grin. On the drive home Leanne mentioned “Looks like mum has finally got the idea and stopped waking me up at such an unearthly hour.” I said “Yeah, I had a word to her and we have come to an arrangement.” “Oh, and what's that?” “Nothing really, I just get up and have a coffee with her and leave you to sleep.” I could hardly say “Well if I show her my cock she leaves you alone.” It was going to be a break of 6 weeks till our next visit. A couple of weeks before we were due to come down Joan called Leanne's mobile, she was out in the garden so I picked up. “Hi Joan.” She was a bit surprised at me answering. “Oh Rob, I thought I called Leanne, Hi.” “She's out in the garden, do you want me to go get her?” “No, that's alright, I'll call later, was just calling to have a chat. When are you coming to stay again?” “Should be the weekend after next I think, but check with Leanne.” “Seems like you haven't been here for ages.” She paused a bit then added more quietly “I miss our coffee mornings.” “Me too, don't worry, you will see me again soon” I ventured knowing full well what she was referring to. “Well I'm looking forward to seeing you,” she replied. “Well just as long as you're not seeing too much of me,” I said. “Oh no, the more I see of you the better.” Just then Leanne walked in so I said “Leanne's just come in so I will hand you over, bye.” “OK, bye, see you soon,” Joan answered. I handed the phone over to Leanne. Phew, that conversation left nothing in doubt without actually saying what is was really about. That convinced me that I should go ahead with what I had been thinking about, which was to see if she would like me to play with my cock for her. Chapter 6 The time seemed to drag but eventually we headed back to Joan's. I made sure I brought my new boxers with me and wore them to bed that night. I woke quite early because I was so excited. I sat up in bed with my phone and with my cock out the leg of my boxers. Sure enough Joan appeared at the door but didn't ask if I wanted coffee. We looked at each other for a moment then her eyes went to my boxers. My cock was semi hard so I tentatively reached down and grabbed it and slowly started to stroke it. Joan looked transfixed so I continued slowly stroking. It got nice and hard real fast. I slid my foreskin up and down so my cock head appeared and disappeared. Joan just continued to stare but now she lent against the doorway. I looked to check Leanne was still fast asleep then started to stroke with more pace. I pulled my t-shirt up to my chest to make way for the imminent load of cum. I spurted several loads of cum over my stomach. I looked to my dressing table for something to clean up with but there was nothing obvious. Joan put up here hand and mouthed “Wait”. Then she disappeared. I heard water running in the bathroom. She seemed to be taking ages and I was nervously keeping an eye on Leanne because it would be hard to explain me sitting there with my cock out, cum all over me and the door open. She eventually returned with a washcloth, walked in and handed to me then went back to the door. She had even warmed the washcloth for me.


I cleaned myself up while Joan stood there watching. When I was done she said “Coffee?” I nodded and smiled. I got up and went out to join Joan in the kitchen carrying the cum covered washcloth. Joan said “You can drop that in the wash basket.” I went to the laundry and did as instructed. I returned to the kitchen then she just asked what our plans were for the day. Leanne and I went out with friends that evening and got back quite late. So I didn't wake that early. When I did I looked and saw Joan at the door. She had one hand on her hip and looked just a little impatient. Then I saw she was holding a washcloth in her other hand. I thought, wow, she is really liking this, but so was I, so why not. I sat myself up, pulled the sheet to one side and pulled my soft cock out of my boxers. I had just started stroking it to attention when Leanne started to stir. I quickly covered myself and Joan disappeared. Leanne got up and went for a pee then got back in bed and rolled to go back to sleep. Joan came back a few minutes later but now I was worried about getting caught. We had been lucky so far. I said quietly “I'll get up.” Joan left then and I went for a pee myself before heading to the kitchen. Joan was sitting on a stool at the kitchen bench and I noticed the washcloth sitting neatly folded on the bench. She said “Oh good, you can do it here.” I was shocked to say the least. It wasn't an order but it was certainly said like there was no question about it. Taken aback I just said “What?” She said as she pointed to my groin “You know, with your thingy, make the stuff come out the end, like yesterday.” Now that was language I hadn't heard before but for some reason it went straight to my dick. She had probably never talked dirty in her life and either didn't know the more appropriate words or was just too much of a prude to use them. Where Joan were sitting she could see me and down the hall. Our bedroom was at the other end of the house so it was much safer. I pulled my boxers down so she had a full view and I started wanking my cock. As she was sitting and I was standing my cock was just about at her eye level and no more than 2 feet away. Neither of us said a word, me wanking my dick and Joan just watching intently. I was starting to go quicker as I was getting close to coming. Joan unfolded the washcloth and laid it on the bench in front of me and said “Put your stuff on this.” I moved forward and lent against the edge of the kitchen bench which was just the right height to rest my balls on. I aimed my cock at the washcloth and let out a grunt as I shot several loads of cum. The first overshot the washcloth but the rest went on it. I squeezed the last few drips out and finished with a string of cum hanging from my cock to the washcloth. Joan got up and just said “Wipe that up and put the washcloth in the washing basket, I'll put the coffee on. Don't worry I won't tell Leanne.” I wiped the cum off the end of my cock, wiped the bench, pulled up my boxers and meekly went and dropped the washcloth in the washing basket. My head was in spin trying to make sense of what happened this morning. On the drive home that day I thought about it over and over. Somehow control of this had switched from me to Joan. The “I won't tell Leanne,” comment certainly sounded like a veiled threat and this morning I felt like there was no doubt in Joan's mind that I was going to do what she wanted. Joan was an only c***d and Leanne always said Joan had been spoilt growing up and as a mother was selfish and very bossy and would take to her with a wooden spoon if she was in trouble. I had just never seen that side of her till this morning. She had married quite young to her late husband Bill. He was a bit of a religious prude, very Victorian and very overbearing. Leanne had said they fought a lot. So I am figuring Joan is really a dominant person but spent her whole married life under the thumb of male. So maybe she feels she has power over me and enjoys it. On the sex side she got married young to a man whose probable idea of sex was to roll on top, dry fuck her then roll off and go to sleep. She never had brothers or sons so my cock may only be the second one she's seen and yesterday morning may have been the first time she had actually seen a man mastubate and cum. She certainly seemed determined and fascinated to see it again this morning. So what to do. I don't think she would really tell Leanne but the threat gave her a sense of power. And she enjoyed my shows. I enjoyed it too. Joan is 75 years old so if I can give her some joy why not. Decision made, whatever Joan wants. Chapter 7 We arrived after dinner time on our next visit. Leanne went in to brush her teeth before bed so I said goodnight to Joan and started to head to bed and Joan said “Coffee will be at 6.30 in the kitchen tomorrow morning.” I said “Ok,” and continued off to bed. She had decided quite rightly that the kitchen was the safest place. I woke up about 6am and waited in bed till 6.30 and Joan did not show up at the door so I got up and headed to the kitchen. Wearing my favourite boxers as usual. Joan was sitting on her stool at the bench and a washcloth was laid out at the end of the bench. I said “Good morning Joan.” She just said “Good morning Rob, try to keep all your stuff on the cloth this time.”


I stood there startled for a bit. “Get on with it,” she demanded. Well I did say to myself I will do what she wants. So I pulled my boxers down and stood against the edge of the bench and jerked off for Joan. When I was ready to cum I pointed my cock at the cloth and came. Again the first load overshot the cloth but the rest was on target. “Can you please try not to put stuff on the bench, now clean that up and I will make the coffee,” was all she said. I wiped up the cum, pulled up my boxers and took the washcloth to the washing basket like last time. Next morning I went the kitchen at 6.30 and there was Joan and the washcloth. Nothing at all was said I just dropped my boxers, jerked off, managed to get all the cum on the cloth this time, to which Joan's only comment was “Good.” I cleaned up my mess then we had coffee. Chapter 8 We went home that day. Next visit the first morning was exactly the same as the last and again I managed to not mess up the bench which seemed to please Joan. That afternoon Leanne went to see some of her friends. I went and mowed Joan's lawn for her. I came inside hot and sweaty so went and had a shower. Our bathroom is just a shower over the bath and no screen. I had just started showering when Joan just walked straight in. I instinctively put my hands over my crotch. She stood there looking at me and said “Don't mind me, I'll just put your clothes in the wash. No need to hide your thingy, I know what it looks like.” I dropped my hands. “That's better,” was all she said as she gathered everything from beside the basin and walked out. I had this feeling that Joan now kind of owned me. I was just turning the shower off when she came back in again. She handed me a towel and said “I'll wash this too when your dry.” She sat on the edge of the bath and watched me dry myself. My cock had got a little firm by the time I was dry and Joan had the opportunity to inspect every inch of me. I handed her the towel. I stood there naked in front of her, but she didn't move. My cock hanging between my legs. Then Joan said “Pull the skin off the end of your thingy so I can see.” I looked down and saw my foreskin was still loose and covering my knob. I reached down and pulled my foreskin back. “Show me all the end bit.” I lifted my cock and twisted it around to show her all sides of my knob. “Mmm” she said, then “Why is all your hair cut off?” “Ahh,” I replied not knowing quite how to explain that but I felt I couldn't deny Joan anything. “Well, sometimes I like to put these rubber rings, on my ah, thingy to keep it hard for longer when I have sex with Leanne.” “So you still have sex with Leanne?” “Yeah, fairly often.” “Does she like it?” Joan asked. “Yes I am sure she does.” “Mmm, I never liked it with Bill,” she said thoughtfully. But then she just continued “So how do these rubber ring things work?” With my thumb and forefinger I demonstrated how the rings went around the base of my cock and balls and just around my balls and explained “They cut off the circulation and keep it hard.” “Do you have them with you?” she asked. “No.” “Well bring them next time and show me.” “Ah, OK.” I then ventured to ask Joan “Do you want to touch my thingy?” “No I don't want to touch that disgusting thing, I just want you to show me when I want. Now make it get big.” I dutifully started jerking my cock to full erection. It took a few minutes because I had already cum for Joan this morning but soon I was hard. Joan was watching intently then said “Let go of it and turn sideways.” I did as I was told. “So that all fits inside Leanne?” “Yeah, it does, easily.” “Mmm, show me how far the skin goes over the end bit when its big like that?” My foreskin was pulled back behind my cock head so I rolled it forward so it just covered half my knob. “Turn around now” she ordered and I turned to face her but she said “ No, the other way and bend over.” I turned with my back to her then bent forwards. “Further, so I can see your bottom.” I bent right forwards so I plainly had my arsehole exposed. She must have kept me like that for 30 seconds or so. I don't know whether she liked looking at my arse or just the fascination of something new or it was a bit of humiliation for me. “Ok you can stand up now, I don't want to see you make any stuff, you can get me some afternoon tea.” Joan got up off the edge of the bath and walked out with the towel. I got out to get dressed and realised Joan had taken my clean clothes out with the dirty ones. I called out “Joan, where did you put my clothes?” She called back “There on your bed but you can put them on later.” So now I was to be here naked waiter. I spent the next half hour walking around the house naked and serving Joan her afternoon tea. I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen facing Joan having my tea, my half hard cock flopped over the edge of the stool. I so needed to jerk off I was that worked up. Then Joan exclaimed “Rob, are you peeing on the floor!” I looked down and there were two big drips of pre-cum that had leaked out of my cock onto the tile floor. Boy Joan had had a very limited sex life. “No, no it's not pee, it's, um, a different stuff boys make, it's like lubrication before sex. Look.” I squeezed up my cock till another big drop appeared. I used my finger tip to smear it around my knob and said “See, it's slippery.” “Oh” said Joan genuinely intrigued. “Show me again.” I squeezed up my cock again but only the tiniest bit came out. “There’s not very much of it” I explained. “It just means I'm ready to make the real stuff.” Joan said “Leanne will be home in about half an hour. Put your stuff on the floor, you need the clean it anyway.” I stood up and started to wank, I so needed to cum. “Get down on the floor, I've seen how far your thingy squirts, I don't want your mess all over the place,” Joan instructed. I knelt on the hard tiles and kept jerking. “Make sure you point your thingy down, it's still going to go everywhere with it pointing up.” I didn't want to bend my cock forward when I came so I lent forward so I was on one hand and my knees.


“That’s no good I can't see, just leave your thingy alone and clean up your slippery stuff,” Joan said as she dropped a dish cloth on floor. I wiped up my pre-cum and stood up, my cock still throbbing. “You better go get dressed, you can make white stuff in the morning, and no sneaking off to the bathroom,” Joan instructed. I went to the bedroom, dropping the soiled cloth in the laundry on the way and got dressed. When Leanne came home we were both sitting in the lounge. Leanne asked how our afternoon had been. Joan said “Good, I got Rob to mow the lawn and do some things around the house for me.” “I'm glad he is looking after you,” Leanne replied. Joan gave me a knowing little look. When I went to the kitchen in the morning Joan was looking in the back of one of the cupboards and then produced a plastic bowl with the word Rex on it. Rex had been her old German Shepherd that died last year. He was nearly 12 years old and she was very attached to him and almost inconsolable when he passed. She put it on the bench and said “You can make your mess in this, your stuff is making my wash basket smell.” I got in position, dropped my boxers and began working on my cock. I was getting close and Joan said “Stop, I can see the slippery stuff, show me.” I stopped then worked my hand up the shaft to squeeze out the pre-cum. “OK, now make the white stuff come out, and keep it in the bowl.” I did as asked and stroked furiously, aimed at the bowl and shot several jets of cum, all going in the bowl. I shook my cock so the last drip went in. “Good boy, now clean your bowl and I'll make the coffee.” Was I becoming her Rex? About a week before our next visit Joan rang my mobile, which she only does if she can't get Leanne. Leanne was just in the other room. “Hi Joan, Leanne is just here, do you want me to get her?” “Hi Rob, no I was just calling to remind you to bring those rubber rings for your thingy like you said you would.” “Ah, yeah, OK I won't forget.” “Good, Ok, bye.” Then she just hung up. Leanne came in and said “Who was that?” “Just you mum reminding me to bring down some stuff to hang a picture for her,” I lied. “Oh, that was short and sweet.” “Mmm, not quite so sweet,” I thought to myself. Chapter 9 We were back the following week. After dinner Leanne was watching TV so I went for a shower to get ready for bed. I was mid shower when I saw Joan had come in and was watching me. She asked “Did you bring the rubber rings?” “Yes, I did, you shouldn't be in here, Leanne is still up.” “Don't forget them in the morning.” Then she left. Wow she is getting very pushy. I got out of bed next morning, grabbed my cock rings out of my bag and went to meet Joan. She was in her usual seat and the bowl was on the bench. “Have you got them?” I opened my hand and showed her the 2 cock rings. “Good, put them on your thingy.” I dropped my boxers, put the bigger ring at the base of my cock and balls, then with a bit of a struggle got the small ring around my balls. Joan looked fascinated. “Make your thingy get big.” I did as requested and wanked till my cock got hard. The rings keep my foreskin held back tight and make my knob look big and shiny. My balls looked tight with a bit of a purple tinge and the veins on my cock were standing out. “Let go of it and turn sideways to show me.” I let go and turned. She studied my cock intently. “OK, make the white stuff come out in your bowl,” Joan said as she slid the bowl over. I jerked off for her but it was really difficult to aim my cock for the bowl with the rings on because I was so hard. I gave a couple of weak spurts of cum that just dribbled into the bowl. The rings make it feel good but certainly reduce the amount of cum. “Is that all?” Joan commented. “Yes, sorry,” I apologized. “Mmm, well that was disappointing, don't bother with them again, they make your thingy look even more disgusting than it is and that was a pathetic amount of white stuff.” “Now clean your bowl and we will have coffee.” As I was taking off my cock rings and cleaning my bowl I was starting to think Joan is getting a bit weird but to be honest I was really enjoying it. That evening we were all in the kitchen and Leanne noticed Rex's bowl sitting on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. “Mum, what's the bowl doing there?” “Oh, I was just missing Rex and put it out to remind me of him,” Joan answered. When we went to bed Leanne commented “I think mum might be starting to go a bit loopy.” “Maybe,” I agreed. I reported for duty in the morning as usual. Joan didn't say a word. I just got on with it. Jerked off, aimed for my bowl and came. This time I overshot the first big load. Joan looked at me angrily and said “Bad boy, look at the mess you made.” She then reached over to the kitchen drawer, opened it and produced a wooden spoon. “Now hold you thingy up.” I dumbly complied and pulled my cock up not really thinking what she had in mind. Then Joan just hit me in the balls with the spoon. Not real hard but enough to hurt. I still doubled over holding my balls. “Now don't do that again and clean up your mess.” I started looking for something to wipe my cum up with, still holding my balls. “What are you looking for?” Joan asked. “Something to wipe the bench with.”


 “My Rex always cleaned up for himself when he spilt anything out of his bowl.” “What?” I said. “Now be a good boy and lick it up or hold your thingy up again. It will be harder this time.” I hesitated thinking what would be worse. “To late, hold your thingy up again,” Joan said forcefully. I was still holding my balls thinking what to do so she just hit my cock with the spoon. “Owe, that hurt,” I let out. “Don't be a baby and hold your thingy up.” I lifted my now very soft cock up and waited. She hit my balls again. It really hurt this time, I bent over and held them again. “Now clean up your mess,” Joan demanded again waving the wooden spoon around. I quickly pushed the bowl to one side, lent and licked up my cum. No wonder Leanne doesn't want to swallow this stuff. I stood up straight again. “You missed a bit,” Joan said pointing to a little bit of cum still on the bench. I licked it up. “Because you made such a fuss you can lick the bowl as well,” I looked at the blobs of now cold cum in the bowl and started to feel a bit sick but my balls really hurt so I pick up the bowl and licked up the globs of my cum. I put the bowl down, Joan inspected it and said “Good boy, now put your bowl away and let's have our coffee.” I gingerly pulled up my boxers, put my bowl back on the floor and sat obediently on a stool and waited for my coffee. Joan was definitely getting stranger, and starting to scare me a bit. My cock and balls were bruised and sore. I didn't make any advances on Leanne for a few days after we got home. But I had to admit to myself that it still did turn me on. When I felt my bruised balls and remembered Joans treatment of me I still got hard. Maybe I was the weird one. Chapter 10 The first morning of our next stay I was laying in bed thinking about whether to go out to Joan or not. Maybe I should just pretend to sleep in. I was a bit anxious about what she would do next. But my cock was hard so it had decided for me. My bowl was ready, Joan was waiting but now the wooden spoon was on the bench as well. I think my balls cringed on the site of it. I said “Good morning Joan” and stood there. She just said “Well get on with it, put the white stuff in your bowl.” I went to work on my cock and this time I made damned sure it all went in the bowl. “Good boy, now clean your bowl, lick it all up.” I hesitated, was this how it was going to be now, I would have to eat all my own cum. Joan picked up the spoon, I quickly grabbed my bowl and licked all my cum out of it then showed it to Joan. It wasn't quite so bad when it was still warm. “Good boy, but you did take too long to do what you were told. It took me a while to train Rex to do what he was told you know, now hold your thingy out the way.” I just meekly held my cock up but pleaded “Not too hard please.” She hit my balls with the spoon, not too hard but it still hurt. “There now, that wasn't so bad was it, put your bowl away.” Leanne had to go out for a few hours that afternoon so I mowed the lawn again. I came in and went to the shower. Joan just followed me in and waited while I stripped off and held out her hands for my clothes. I hadn't bothered bringing any clean clothes as I suspected Joan wouldn't let me wear them anyway. She went and dropped my dirty clothes in the laundry them came back in and watched me shower. I finished and she handed me a towel. “Bring my afternoon tea to the lounge room” she said and walked out. I went to the kitchen naked, made her tea and took it in to the lounge. Joan was sitting on her favourite chair. I put the tea on her side table. I saw the wooden spoon was there sitting on the side table as well, I was now just a little scared. “Now why don't you lay down here,” she pointed to the floor in front of her “And I will give you a nice tummy rub.” I am thinking “What the hell is she planning to do.” I stood there wondering what I should do, run? Joan picked up the spoon and said “Now be a good boy and do what your told. I won't tell Leanne.” I had no choice, that threat was still there. I was pretty sure Joan had gone completely loopy and who knows what she might tell Leanne. So I sat down on the carpet in front of her.


 “You will have to lie on your back, mmm, with your legs under my chair I think,” she instructed. I lay back on the floor with my legs towards Joan then shimmied forward. I couldn't fit my legs under the chair so I bent my knees up either side of Joan's feet. She had her house slippers on and reached out one foot towards my groin. “You will need to move closer,” she said. I moved further forward then Joan put the dirty sole of her slipper straight on my cock and started to rub up and down. She just kept rubbing my cock up and down, my balls squeezed out either side of her heel. The sole of her slipper was quite rough so I knew I was going to lose some skin but it felt good and my cock started getting hard. Joan said quietly “Good boy, you like that don't you? Rex always liked his tummy rub as well.” She just kept rubbing my cock with her foot and I got real hard. Then she stopped, leaned forward to look closely at my cock, the pushed her foot down and squeezed my pre-cum out. “Oh look, the slippery stuff is coming out the end. I better stop otherwise the white stuff will come out next and make a mess on my slippers. She removed her foot from my groin and said “Now get up.” I slid back and rolled over then started to stand. “No, no not like that, on the floor, like Rex.” I was now her new Rex. I got on hands and knees facing her. “Good boy,” she said and reached out and scratched behind my ear. “Now turn around,” she commanded. I turned so my arse was towards her. She put her foot between my legs and bent my cock and balls back. “Disgusting thing, there's something missing” she said more to herself. Then “Stay there,” and she got up and left the room. Joan came back carrying a feather duster and sat down. “Rex had a nice bushy tail,” she said, again more to herself. “What are you doing?” I asked nervously. “I'm going to give you a tai,” she said matter of factly. “You can't do what I think you want to do,” I protested. Then before I realised she had picked up the spoon and wacked my balls. I crumpled forward cupping my balls. “Take your hand away from your dangly things and keep it away,” she said angrily. She hit my balls again and I couldn't help it I cupped them again. “I will keep hitting you until you learn to keep your hand away.” I dropped my hand and she hit me again, this time I kept my hand away. “Good boy.” She then got the feather duster and put the handle on my arsehole and started pushing. The handle was maybe ¾ inch diameter and it had sort of a ridge on the end. I clinched and protested “No stop, it hurts, it won't go in like that.” “But I want a tail,” Joan demanded. “Look, OK, it will just need something, ah, slippery on it first.” “Oh, I know, stay,” she said and got up again. She returned with a jar of peanut butter and sat it down beside me. “This was Rex's favourite. Do whatever you need to do,” she said. I took the lid off and with two fingers scooped up some peanut butter then reached back and smeared it around and in my arsehole. I was about to put my hand back on the floor and she said “Don't put that dirty hand on my carpet. Clean it off.” I was going to ask how but I already knew the answer. She hit my balls again and said “Hurry up we don't have all day.” I stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. I could taste my arse mixed with peanut butter and I really didn't like peanut butter anyway. Then she got the feather duster and roughly just shoved it in my arse. It hurt like hell going in. “That's better,” she said “Now wag your tail like a good boy.” I wiggled my arse so the feather duster wagged. “Good boy, now it's time for your treat. Keep wagging your tail.” After a short time she said “Now turn around.” I shuffled around to face Joan but was greeted by her cunt. She had pulled her dress up and slid forward so her saggy arse cheeks were on the edge of the chair. Joan had lost a lot of weight as she got older and was quite thin. She had a sparse covering of dark grey hair on her pussy and her inner flaps were big and hung out well past her outer lips. “Now pass me the peanut butter.” I just did as I was told and passed her the jar. She then scooped out a big blob of peanut butter, spread her legs and spread it on her cunt and down to her arse. It wasn't a good look. She held out her fingers and I licked them clean. “Now be a good boy and have your treat, make mummy all clean.” I tentatively moved between her legs, she smelt of peanut butter and stale piss.


 I decided to just do it and put my mouth between her legs and started licking and sucking. I worked at getting rid of all the peanut butter first. I even had to get my tongue between her arse cheeks to clean it from her arse. Once I had her all clean I came up for fresh air. Her cunt looked surprisingly like Leanne's, same size clit and spookily similar lips. I went to work on her clit. She was squirming around and moaning as I kept at it. She kept me going for ages. It was very uncomfortable, I had to stay on all fours because I couldn't sit back with the thing in my arse. I don't think she came but she just eventually said “Ok, that's enough, get down.” I gingerly pulled the feather duster out of my arse and sat back on my legs, even though my balls were throbbing I had an erection. Joan just pulled her dress down, got up and said “Clean up out here and put some clothes on.” Then noticing my erection she added “You can do something about that in bathroom if you need to just don't make a mess.” Then she walked out. I picked up the peanut butter jar and the spoon, put them in the kitchen then took the feather duster and myself to the shower. I got in the shower and washed of the handle of the feather duster. I still had peanut butter right up in my arsehole so I washed it out as best I could and my arse was really sore and bleeding a little. My balls were aching and my cock had skin rubbed off all along the underside and even the knob, from Joan's slipper. No way was I in any state to jerk off. I dried off and went to get dressed. Joan stayed in her room all afternoon and even for an hour or two after Leanne got home. Leanne asked “Where's mum?” I just said “I think she was feeling a bit tired so she's having a lie down.” I was hoping she was thinking about what she had done and might just get herself back in control. She was totally crazy today. Joan came out just before dinner, she thanked me for mowing the lawn and she seemed her normal self. There was no way I was up for “Coffee” in the morning. I tried to convince Leanne that we had to leave early in the morning but she didn't accept my lame excuse. So I pretended to sleep in. But sure enough I felt Joan giving me gentle shake. I had to open my eyes and she just wiggled her finger in a follow me action. The spoon and my bowl were on the bench. I said “Joan, I can't do it this morning. I am really, really sore from yesterday.” “Oh, show me,” replied Joan. “No, I just need to give it a rest today,” I pleaded. Joan just reached over and tugged my boxers down. My cock was completely shriveled up with my foreskin hanging loose and open about half an inch past my knob. “Ewe, your thingy looks even more ugly when it's like that, show me what's wrong,” Joan said screwing up her face. I lifted my cock up to show her all the red marks where my skin had been worn away. My balls look almost blue and a bit swollen. I said “See, all the skin is rubbed off my cock.” Before I knew it she had picked up the spoon and hit my balls. “Don't you ever use that sort of language around me.” I doubled over in pain. “Now show me.” I straighten up as best I could and presented my cock again. “Oh dear,” she said. “Wait there.” She went off to her bathroom I think and returned with a jar of some sort of cream, then went to one of the kitchen cupboards and brought out a pair of rubber gloves. She put on the gloves, opened the jar and scooped out a big blob of white cream. She delicately took hold of my foreskin and held my cock up while she started to rub cream onto my bruised balls. I flinched and tried to pull away but Joan just pulled me back by my foreskin and said “Stand still.” It should have felt great, Joan massaging my balls, even though she was surprisingly gentle, but it hurt, a lot, and I stood there grimacing. Joan scooped more cream out and started rubbing it over my cock, it stung at first on the raw skin but the cream did sooth it. She pulled my foreskin back and did the head of my cock as well. My cock started to get hard even though it was still hurting. She kept rubbing the cream in till a drop of pre-cum appeared. “You said you couldn't do it this morning,” Joan said then grabbed my bruised balls and squeezed “Don't lie to me.” I was wincing with pain and said “Sorry, it's just because your rubbing it, owe that really hurts.


” She let go of my balls and said ”Mmm, how's your bottom?” I hesitated, but confessed “It's sore too, but Ok.” “Nonsense, turn around and bend over.” I did as I was told, my balls were just too sore, turned and bent over. Joan then proceeded to apply cream to my arsehole then just shoved her index finger all the way in. “Well you looked ridiculous with a tail anyway.” She cupped my balls with other hand but thankfully didn't squeeze and added “Just remember if you are naughty I will have to hit these, it's the only way.” She let go of my balls, pulled her finger out of my arse then got up and took her gloves off. She dropped them in the bin and started to make the coffee. I had to keep away from Leanne for the next week. If she had seen my cock she would have noticed the healing skin and I was still too sore to have sex anyway. Chapter 11 We were back the following month and both mornings were the same. Get up, wank into my bowl, lick up my cum and have coffee without Joan saying a word till we had coffee like it was the most normal thing in the world. I was washing up after breakfast when I managed to break one of Joan's glasses. Joan gave me an angry look then got the wooden spoon out of the drawer and faced me expectantly. Leanne was in our room packing the bags. I looked at her pleadingly but Joan just pointed the spoon at my crotch. I looked to make sure Leanne wasn't coming, unzipped my jeans and got my cock out. Joan said “The dangly bits?” I fished my balls out and held my cock out the way. Joan hit my balls once “That's for breaking my glass,” then hit me again and said “That's for taking so long.” I knew better than to try and cover my balls. “Now put it away.” I gingerly put my cock back in my jeans and zipped up just as Leanne walked out. She looked at me puzzled and said “You Ok?” I said “Yeah, just pinched my finger in the drawer,” as I pretended to hold a sore finger over my groin. Chapter 12 Next visit got even stranger. We had just arrived and we're unpacking. Leanne had gone to the bathroom. Joan walked in to our room holding the wooden spoon and pointed at my groin. I was completely taken by surprise but quickly got my cock and balls out and held my cock out the way. She hit my balls hard said “Good boy,” then just turned around and walked out. When I recovered I followed her out and said “What was that for?” “I always had to keep reminding Rex” was all she said. I was being trained! Then I realised I was trained. Both mornings I jerked off as was expected and twice more when Leanne was not around Joan got the wooden spoon out and pointed at my groin and I meekly let her hit my balls. Joan saying “Good boy,” each time. I was now trying to avoid being alone with Joan, my balls were taking a battering. Chapter 13 I was dreading our next stay because Leanne was going to be out most of the day leaving me at home with Joan. I tried not be alone with Joan the day we arrived but Leanne eventually went to the bathroom and almost immediately Joan appeared with the spoon. This time she just gave my balls a gentle slap. “You've been a good boy so tomorrow you might get a special treat,” Joan promised. In the morning Leanne was up early so we all had coffee together before she left for the day. This was the first morning in a long time that I hadn't had to get my cock out for Joan. Joan seemed quite happy and excited, almost manic, when she said goodbye to Leanne, which made me very nervous. I closed the door and headed to the bathroom for a pee when Joan said “Where are you going?” “I just need the bathroom, won't be a minute.” “You just hold on till I let you out. Take your clothes off and go sit in the kitchen.” Now I am an older man and my prostate is not what it used to be so I can only hold on for so long. But I stripped off and went into the kitchen and sat on a stool to wait for Joan. A minute later she poked her head around the corner and yelled “Got off the furniture you bad boy. Sit down there.” She pointed to the corner where my bowl was kept. I went and sat on the cold tiles beside my bowl. This was going to be a tough day. Joan left me there for over 20 minutes while she did whatever though I did hear the shower going at one point. By the time she reappeared now dressed, I really, really needed to pee. “Joan, I really need the bathroom,” I pleaded. She just ignored me, sat down and started reading the newspaper. I knew she was just going to leave me there till I made a mess. I lasted maybe another 5 minutes but my piss just started to leak out. I was sitting leaning against the cupboards. I grabbed my cock and held it to stop the flow and pleaded again “Joan, I can't hold on.” She looked at me and said “Let go of your thingy.” I did and the piss started to flow and pool under my backside. I think I had reached a new low, though having a feather duster stuck up your arse was pretty close. “Bad boy, get outside and stay out,” she yelled. I grabbed my cock to stop the flow, got up and went out kitchen door. I finished my pee in the garden. Damn it felt good. I stood outside the door while Joan got a bucket and mop and cleaned up my mess. I suppose not even Rex would lick up his pee. She then came outside, not saying a word, got the garden hose and just hosed me off. “You can come back inside when your dry,” she said and went back inside and closed the door. I think she has finally gone crazy. I stood hiding behind a bush, the yard wasn't that private, waiting.


She left me out there for almost and hour. The whole time I am thinking my balls are doomed. She eventually came to the door and said “Come.” I followed her in and there was the spoon on the bench. I stood there , lifted my cock and closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable. But she said “Oh very good boy, I know it was just an accident. Now make your thingy get big.” I started working on my cock and surprisingly it got hard quite fast and I was getting close only after a few minutes but Joan said “Drop it, don't make your white stuff”. She reached for the spoon and I quickly held my cock up exposing my balls. “You are a good boy, your learning. Now put it down and let's have morning tea.” She made tea but just a cup for herself, she then brought out some cake and cut two slices. She put one slice on a plate then took the other slice and walked over and dropped it in my bowl. I went over then I noticed it for the first time. She had taken a marking pen, crossed out Rex and written Rob on the bowl. Hell, I better make sure Leanne never sees that. I thought better of complaining and got down on the tiles, picked up the cake and ate it. “Well you have been such a good boy this morning I think it's time I gave you mummy's special treat,” she said with a little grin. She went and got the jar of peanut butter and started heading for the lounge but turned and came back for the spoon. “Just in case you misbehave,” she said waving the wooden spoon at me. “Come”. I got up and followed her to the lounge room. She stood in front of her chair and pointed to the floor in front of her. “Sit” she commanded. I got down on my knees and sat back. My cock was hard as a rock sticking straight up. Joan opened the jar, scope out some peanut butter then put her hand up under her dress and smeared it around. She held out her fingers to me and I dutifully licked them clean. Joan then turned around and got on her knees, bent over the chair and pulled her dress up. It looked disgusting, the peanut butter spread over her cunt and arse. “Come on Rob, lick it up.” I leant forward and started licking the peanut butter from her cunt. It was hard to get it all because it was sticking to her pubic hair. I moved up and licked it out from between her arse cheeks and even got my tongue into her arsehole. Joan purred “Good boy, keep doing that.” I continued working my tongue in and out of Joan's arse. Then she reached around and patted her arse cheek and said “Ok, do the naughty thing.” She could only mean fuck her. I tentatively stuck a finger in her cunt, but it was dry. She looked around and said “Make some of your slippery stuff.”I already had pre-cum dripping from my cock. “It won't be enough,” I told her, so I spat on my fingers and worked them in her cunt a few times till she was wet enough. Joan was a lot shorter than me so I had to push her knees together and put my knees outside hers to adjust the height. I put some spit on my cock, positioned myself and mounted her. Damn her old cunt was tight. I got halfway in then pulled out and applied more spit. I mounted her again and slowly eased in up to my balls. I kept still, hoping to give her some time to loosen up but she said “Move your thingy in and out.” So I started to fuck her, slowly at first but then built up to a steady rhythm as she loosened up. Damn her old cunt felt good. She was grunting on every thrust and saying “Good boy,” every now and then. I was trying to make myself last as long as possible. I was getting too close to hold on and said “Joan I can't hold on much longer.” She panted out “Get out, get out, don't make your white stuff in there.” But I was passed the point of no return. I just grabbed her hips and pumped load after load of cum into her. All the while Joan is saying “Bad boy, bad boy, get out!” I pulled out and flopped back. Joan got herself to her feet and she looked furious. Cum started to run down her legs from under her dress. “You bad, bad boy!” she yelled “Look at the mess you've made.” She grabbed the wooden spoon off the side table, all the while cum is dripping on the carpet. “Lie down, legs apart,” she commanded. I did so without question. I didn't need to hold my cock out the way because it was still hard. She lent over me wielding the spoon “Don't - you - ever - do - that - again!” swinging at my balls with each word. The first shot was a direct hit but as I curled into a ball on my side the other shots just hit my legs. Joan was so mad she forgot to make me stay still. She pointed the spoon at me and added “When your doing the naughty thing and I say get out, you get out!” She looked around and saw the drops of cum on the carpet. “Now clean up every last bit of your disgusting mess.” I was still curled up in a bit of pain.


She belted me on the arse with the spoon. “Come on!” she yelled. I rolled onto my hands and knees. She pointed to a blob of cum on the carpet and said “There.” I moved and licked it up, then three more. “And my legs as well,” she said pointing to the cum trails down the inside of her legs. Joan stood with her feet apart while I licked the cum off her legs and put my head up her dress to do all the way to her cunt. Joan then pulled up her dress and pulled her cunt open and said “Clean your stuff out of the hole as well.” I licked and sucked her cunt as best I could but it was very difficult from my angle kneeling between her legs. “Now get outside you bad boy!” she ordered as she stepped back and dropped her dress. I headed out the kitchen door. She followed and when I was outside she locked the door. It was just past 11am when she put me out. I hid behind the bush near the kitchen door. God I hope no-one saw me, a naked man hiding outside an old lady's house. But she didn't come back to let me in, I could see no movement in the house. I just had to stay there. At around 3.30 I heard Leanne driving in and I was really panicking so I started knocking on the door. Just as the engine turned off Joan appeared, unlocked the door, said “Come,” and walked away. I rushed in to the bedroom and quickly got some clothes on. That evening we were all sitting in the lounge watching TV, Joan in her usual chair. Leanne said “Mum, looks like you’ve spilt something on your carpet,” pointing to the spots of dried cum on the carpet at Joan's feet. I looked at them horrified, you can only lick so much out of carpet. But Joan just said casually “Oh, that must be some cream off that cake we had today.” “Cake? Mum, don't spoil him,” Leanne said with a laugh. “Well he has been a good boy doing things for me so he deserves a treat every now and then,” Joan replied then added “Rob, would you be a dear and get something to clean that up?” I got up and went to get the can of carpet shampoo and a cloth. I got on my knees at Joan's feet and went to work cleaning. There was something special about cleaning up your cum that spilt out of your mother in law's cunt after you fucked it while your wife watches on approvingly. I woke in the morning and tentatively checked my balls. They were a bit sore but not too bad, she only did get one good shot on them yesterday but I had a couple of small marks on my thighs. I went to the kitchen not knowing what to expect this morning. Joan was there with coffee already made and no bowl or spoon. Phew. We said our good mornings and sat quietly drinking our coffee. Joan seemed a bit down. Then said quietly “Rob, when you do the naughty thing can you promise not to make white stuff in me? It makes me smell bad. And my hole hurts now, your thingy must be too big.” I thought “Shoes on the other foot now.” But I was still dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. “Ah, I think it might be hurting because there was not enough, eh, slippery stuff. You could buy some, ah, slippery stuff in a tube and then it shouldn't hurt.” She seemed to brighten up and said “Oh, can you buy me some, it's my birthday when you visit next time.” I replied “Eh, yes I guess so.” “And you won't make white stuff in me?” “I promise.” She gave me a big smile and said “Oh goody. I'll get your bowl so you can make the white stuff, I like seeing it come out the end of your thingy but I don't want it in me” She seemed so happy. Joan put my bowl on the bench and I jerked of a load of cum. She seemed in such a good mood I hoped she might lighten up on me as we both looked at my cum in the bowl. But she just said “Clean it like a good boy.” So I licked up my cum. When my bowl was clean I asked Joan “Can we put this away somewhere, I don't think Leanne will understand if she sees my name on the bowl?” She seemed to think about it for moment and said “Maybe, put it in the cupboard.” So I hid it in the back of the cupboard under the sink. During the weeks before our trip down for Joan's birthday I bought a small tube of lube. I took the precaution of getting the flavoured type. I gift wrapped it and hid it in bottom of my bag. Joan rang me a few days before we were due and just said “Hi Rob, did you get my present?” I said “Yes,” and she said “Good,” and hung up. Chapter 14 We arrived in the late afternoon then took Joan out to restaurant for her birthday. Leanne handed her her present which she tore open with much excitement. It was some sort of bath salts that Leanne had bought and Joan looked really disappointed and gave me a funny look. Leanne said ”What's the matter mum, don't you like it?” “Oh no it's lovely dear, thank you,” she replied. When Leanne went to the bathroom Joan asked “Where's my present.” I said “I couldn't give that to you in front of Leanne. I put it your bedside drawer.” “Oh, Ok.” I think Joan was losing the concept that Leanne might not like the idea of what we were doing. I was even more sure of that when I was having my shower that night before bed. Leanne was in the bedroom nextdoor, I had just got out the shower and was drying myself and Joan just walked in. “I found my present,” and she held up the tube of lube. I said as earnestly and as quietly as possible “Joan, you have to get out, Leanne is in the bedroom


” She paused for moment then just turned and walked out. This is going to end badly I thought. In the morning I woke early trying to think what to do. Sure I was happy to fuck Joan and I am sure that is now what she wants. But she was likely to do something to give it away to Leanne. I thought about waking Leanne early so I wouldn't be alone with Joan but now Joan was liable to do or say anything when Leanne was there. I decided it was best to go along with it at the moment. Joan was at the bedroom door well before 6.30 anyway wagging her finger at me. She had her “present” and the wooden spoon in her hand. I quickly jumped out of bed and followed her to the kitchen. Didn't want Leanne to see those. “Good boy, come on, hurry up,” she said sounding very excited. “Get your bowl and come into the lounge,” she added as she headed that way. I went to get my bowl from under the sink but it wasn't there. It was back on floor with the word “Rob” plainly on show. I picked it up and went to the lounge shaking my head. Joan was already sitting in her chair with her night dress pulled up and was proceeding to apply liberal amounts of lube to her cunt. “Get your thingy out and make it big,” she ordered. I dropped both my boxers and my bowl and started to work on my cock. I was under a bit of pressure here and I was soft. But I focused on watching Joan rubbing the lube around and in to her cunt which she seemed to be enjoying. She closed her eyes and I think at one point forgot I was there. That did the trick, my cock was ready. She opened her eyes and said “Good boy, now don't you make white stuff in me like you promised, put it in the bowl if you need to.” “Ok,” I promised. Joan then slid off the chair, turned around and then leant forward with her arse towards me. She patted her arse cheek and said “Come on, do the naughty thing.” I got on my knees, again outside hers, rubbed my cock around her cunt to pick up some lube and pushed in. I slid slowly all the way in, easily this time, right to the balls. Joan just purred. I got up to rhythm and fucked her old cunt. I felt something tickling my balls then noticed her hand down between her legs rubbing her clit. I was starting to quicken the pace but Joan said “Keep doing that with your thingy till I say get out, don't put stuff in me.” I tried to keep the rhythm slow enough so I didn't cum. She kept me at it for ages and this time she definitely came as she moaned and squirmed on my cock. Then she said “Get down, take it out.” I pulled out, grabbed my bowl and dropped my load. I just automatically tipped up the bowl and drank my cum. Joan was still leaning on the chair panting and rubbing her pussy, she didn't even see me do it. She pulled herself up, turned and sat down. She slid forwards and spread her legs and said sort of dreamily “I wish I had that stuff 50 years ago. Now be a dear and clean up mummy's hole.” I put my head between her legs and licked her clean while she gently stroked my head. I was glad I had bought the flavoured lube. She got shakily to her feet and said “I am going to have a lie down” and walked out. It may have been her first orgasm in who knows how many years. I have read some women go through marriage and or life never having one. I put my boxers back on, picked up the lube, spoon and my bowl and put them all in the sink cupboard. Then made my coffee. When Leanne got up she asked “Where's mum?” “She’s just having a lie in I think.” “Oh I hope she's Ok, that's not like her,” Leanne said sounding concerned and went to check on Joan. She returned and said “No, she’s just sleeping.” Joan came out around 10am and it was like she was a new woman. Bouncing around the house doing here chores, happy as ever. Leanne commented “Mum, what's gotten into you, you look years younger.” “Oh, just a nice lie in,” she said then turned and gave me a little wink. I was in the kitchen by myself when Joan came in, gave me a peck on the cheek and asked “Where did you put my present?” “Under the sink,” I said. She went into the cupboard and took out the lube and spoon. “Better leave your bowl hidden in there, wouldn't want Leanne to know our little secret,” she said with a grin. She pointed the spoon at my crotch and I instinctively went to take my cock out but Joan said “Just checking, this time,” then she put the spoon in the drawer. She held up the tube and added “And I'm not even sore,” and took her tube of lube off to her bedroom to put away. I was woken again next morning by Joan giving me a gentle shake. No lube or spoon this time. She didn't say a word, just took my hand and lead me to the lounge room. My bowl was on the floor, lube and spoon on the side table. She sat down, spread her legs and started lubing up her cunt but taking a lot longer this time. I had my boxers off and was more than ready. She said “Ok, do the naughty thing, and no white stuff,” as she turned around and presented herself, fingers already working her clit. I slipped in easily and got to work. This time she came hard and well before I was ready. She said “Get out,” so I reluctantly pulled out and sat back stroking my cock. Joan got up and then sat watching me with her legs spread and leisurely played with her clit while I came in my bowl and drank my cum.


She took her hand away to signal it was time for me to clean her cunt, which I did. Again she gently rubbed my head as I licked her. When I had her cunt clean I moved away but she said “Don't forget my bottom, do that thing with your tongue again.” I leant back in and worked my tongue between her cheeks and licked out her arsehole. She said “Mmm, good boy,” then pushed me away, got up and went off to lie down, again leaving me to put things away and make my own coffee. She was up again before Leanne woke up this time and as happy as ever. On the way home Leanne said “Gee, I can't get over how better Mum looks, I was getting really worried about her.” I just agreed. When we arrived home Leanne was in the mood to fuck so we went to bed straight away. Got to fuck mother and daughter in one day, probably still had traces of her mum's cunt on my cock when I fucked her. At least I got to cum inside her and not have to eat it. But I did feel a very strong urge to go down on Leanne and lick up my cum. Two weeks later I was out in the yard early in the morning and Leanne came out to find me. “Sorry to do this to you but mum just called to say her hot water isn't working and could you go down and look at it for her.” That was our business before we retired so it sounded reasonable. “You will have to go by yourself though. I have to work today and tomorrow,” Leanne added. I am sure Joan new Leanne volunteered at the local school Tuesdays and Wednesdays because we never visited on those days. “Oh and she said to give her a call before you leave.” I was pretty sure this was all a lie to get me there alone but I couldn't see anyway out of it. I packed a bag and put my tools in the car. I called Joan. “Hi Joan, hot water troubles I hear.” “Hi Rob, yes, it's just not working.” “Mmm, I see, well I'm just about to leave so see you about midday.” “Oh and Rob, could you pick my up some more of that, eh, stuff in the tube?” Gee, how has she gone through a whole tube in two weeks! “Ok, will do, see you soon.” “Thanks Rob, bye.” I think Joan has discovered the joy of masturbation. That got me thinking so on the way I stopped in at the sex shop and bought a big bottle of flavoured lube and a vibrator with a clit stimulator. I figured if she can look after herself she might leave me alone. As much as I love being her toy and fucking her one day we are going to get caught. Chapter 15 I arrived just after lunch. Joan met me at the door and gave me quick peck on the cheek “Thanks for coming so quick,” she said. I dropped my bag in the bedroom and said “I'll just my tools and have a look at the hot water.” Joan said with a guilty look on her face “Well, it seems to have fixed itself.” “Mmm, that's lucky isn't it.” When everything was put away I said to Joan “So why did you really want me to come down?” “Well, I just wanted you all to myself for a while, without Leanne here.” “Ok, seeing as I have nothing to do now, I'm all yours till this time tomorrow.” She said “I've made some lunch, it's just sandwiches so they will keep. “Did you bring me some more of the slippery stuff?” I replied “Yes.” “Good, go get it, then come into the lounge room, I want you to put your thingy in me.” That was straight to the point. I went to the bedroom, got the lube out of my bag, stripped off and headed to the lounge room. I met Joan coming out of the kitchen with the spoon and my bowl in hand. I asked “Do we really need those?” “Of course. I don't want your mess in me.” I handed her the new bottle of lube. She said “Oh good, that should last longer.” Joan then got down on her knees at her chair. She was having trouble opening the new bottle so I said “Here, give it to me.” She handed me the bottle. It was one of those pump bottles but I had to take off the seal first. I took a risk and said “I’ll put in on for you if you like.” Joan just said “Ok” and bent forward. I flipped her dress up to reveal her rear end, pumped some lube on my fingers and leisurely applied it to her cunt. I slid two fingers inside her and used my thumb on her clit and finger fucked her. She was obviously enjoying it, she started to hump my fingers. I was ready to fuck her so I withdrew my fingers but Joan said “No, no don't stop that.” So I put my fingers back in and kept going. After a few more minutes she came, moaning and squirming on my hand. I dropped my hand and moved my cock into position and pushed in. Joan jumped and said “Get that thing out of me, you bad boy!” I pulled out quickly and said “But you said you wanted me to,” I protested. She was getting up and turning around “I don't need it now. Don’t you ever put that in me until I tell you to!” Joan picked up the spoon and belted my balls “Don't do that again, you wait till I say you can.” Then hit me again and added “And that's for arguing.” Now clean me up.” She sat down and spread her legs and I quickly went about licking her cunt and arse clean. When I was done Joan got up and said “I going to have a lie down. Come.” I followed her to her bedroom. She hopped on her bed, pointed to the rug beside the bed and said “Lie down.” I still had a very frustrated erection but Joan added “And leave your thingy alone, I don't want a mess on my rug.” I got down on the rug and Joan lied down and went to sleep. I did likewise and did fall asleep myself. It was only an hour or so when Joan poked me with her foot and said “Come on get up.” I did and followed her out. She went to the bathroom and I hesitated at the door. She just went in, sat on the toilet, peed and washed her hands.


 I was busting myself and said “I need to go to.” “Ok, come and I will let you out, then we can have lunch.” She let me out the kitchen door, I peed in the garden while Joan watched then went back in the kitchen and we had lunch. I spent the afternoon just following Joan naked around the house. She just acted like nothing was unusual. I only copped one more belt in balls when I got a spontaneous erection. “Keep that thing down,” Joan said as she swung the spoon at me. We had dinner. Leanne rang to see how things were going while I sitting naked at her mum's feet watching TV. I said I had found the problem with the hot water and would pick up a part in the morning. While I was talking to Leanne Joan started rubbing my cock with her slippered foot till I got hard then just stopped. She did that a twice more through the evening, just rubbing my cock till it got hard then stopping. But at least she was gentle and didn't take any skin off. I so needed to cum. About 10pm Joan switched off the TV and said “Bed time.” I got up needing to pee and said “I need to go outside.” She let me out, watched me pee in the garden then we went back in and I followed her to the bathroom. Joan just stripped off and hopped in the shower like I wasn't there. I had seen a lot of her cunt and arse but not completely naked. Her breasts were saggy but her skin was surprisingly smooth and she had big brown nipples just like Leanne. She got out, dried herself and put her night dress on. I was standing there with another erection. She looked thoughtful then said “You probably need a bath as well.” We went to the kitchen and Joan got some rubber gloves then led me back to the bathroom. “Get in,” she ordered. I got in and stood in the bath and Joan proceeded to get the shower hose and get me wet. Then she soaped me up from head to foot. She soaped my hard cock, pulling back my foreskin really hard and did my knob. She told me to turn around and bend over then did my arse, even sticking her finger way in. She hosed me off and told me to hop out before getting the towel and drying me off. My cock was dripping pre-cum but Joan just got the towel and wiped it off. She sat on the toilet, did a quick pee and said “Ok, bedtime “ I followed her in the bedroom and Joan got in bed and pulled up the covers. I was standing dumbly at the end of the bed with a hard cock wondering what do. Joan then patted the bed and said “You can hop up but leave your thingy alone, I don't want a mess.” I got on the bed then said “I bought you another present. I want to give it to you tomorrow though, I want it to be a surprise.” Joan sounded really excited. “Really, what is it, oh, no don't tell me or it won't be a surprise will it.” I slept on the bed beside Joan. I woke before dawn needing the bathroom. Joan looked to be sound asleep so I carefully sneaked off to our bathroom at the other of the house. The flush sounded very loud. But I got back to bed and Joan hadn't stirred. Phew! I was woken by Joan hitting my balls. “I heard you last night,” she said pointing the spoon at me. I dared not cover my balls. “Now, go get my present.” I got up and went off to get the new vibrator out of my bag, not quite being able to stand up straight. I came back to the bedroom and handed Joan the box. She looked at it puzzled and asked “What is it?” It was one of those Japanese style ones with the doll shaped phallus, rabbit clit vibrator and little anus tickler. “It’s a eh, ladies toy, you use it to um, make yourself feel like when I do the naughty thing but when I’m not here.” She just said “Oh.” “Give it here and I will show you how it works” I said holding out my hand. She handed me the box. I took it out, demonstrated how to put the batteries in, showed her the buttons on the corded remote that made the rabbit vibrate and make it go fast or slow. She still looked confused. “I will need to show you, sit up and lean against the bed head. Wait here, we will need the eh, bottle of slippery stuff.” I got up and retrieved the lube from the table beside Joans chair in the lounge. I came back and handed Joan the bottle. “You will need to put some of this on.” She took the bottle, squirted out a glob, lifted her knees and spread her legs then applied it to her cunt. I held up the vibrator and pointing to the various parts said “This bit goes in your hole like my thingy, this bit rubs eh, like you do with your fingers and this bit sits on your bottom.” I handed it her. She looked dubious but reached down and tentatively moved it around till she got it in place and pushed it into her cunt. “Now, you can make it go in and out like I do with my thingy and you can turn the rabbit on and hold it where it feels the best,”


I explained. Joan slid it in and out of her cunt a few times then I passed her the control and I said “Now turn it on.” She looked and found the right button and turned it on. She just said ‘Oh, oh, mmm,” when she obviously had the rabbit against her clit. She just closed her eyes, put her head back and went off into a world of her own. She lasted a few minutes before she tensed up and pulled her legs together in the throes of an intense orgasm. She eventually said “Turn it off, I can’t take anymore.” She was still clamping her legs together tightly. I told her to just push the off button, she had to learn after all, and she did find it and switched it off. Her body relaxed and she lay there breathing heavily with here eyes closed. I had been jerking my cock slowly as I watched her trying not to cum. I was getting too close so I stopped and waited. Joan opened her eyes dreamily and said “I love my present.” She pulled her toy out and looked at it still covered in lube. I quickly said “Now you need to make sure you wash this with soap and water and dry it every time you use it.” I took it off her and went off to the bathroom before she could stop me, washed it and brought it back. Joan hadn’t moved, still laying there with her cunt exposed still all greased up but she had fallen asleep. It was driving me crazy by now, I hadn’t cum since I arrived. It was so tempting to just jump on and fuck her. So even though my balls were really sore I stood at the end of her bed and jerked off into my hand. Without a second thought I just licked my cum out of my hand and swallowed it. I went and got my phone and took a few happy snaps of Joan and her cunt. I then went and dressed, and made myself breakfast. She didn't wake till nearly midday and it was time for me to leave. She just gave me a kiss on the cheek and we said goodbye. “I love my new toy,” she added as I walked out. I had a call from Joan the following week. “Hi Joan, how are you?” I answered. “Very good thanks Rob. Could you get another one of those ladies toys when you come down next time?” she asked. “Why what's wrong, is it broken?” “No, it's fine. Kate wants one as well. Oh and you better get her a bottle of some slippery stuff as well.” I was speechless. Kate had been Joan's best friend since as long as I had know Leanne but lt would be years since I last saw her. “What do you mean, I don't understand?” I said dumbly. “Oh, well, Kate came over today and said I was looking really well. I said it was probably my new toy. So I showed her what you bought for me. Anyway she said she would like one as as well. Her David died years ago.” “What else did you tell her?” I asked apprehensively. “I didn't tell her everything,” she replied very unconvincingly. “Joan, you can't tell other people what we do. We might get in a lot of trouble,” I pleaded. “It's Ok, Kate wouldn't tell anyone.” “Just promise not to tell anyone else please.” “Of course not Rob, now don't forget, bye,” Joan said and hung up. So now I was to become some sort of sex toy dealer to old ladies. I made the required purchases prior to our next visit. I was very dubious about buying sex toys for Joan's friend. But as Leanne was having a girls day out I was hoping to get to fuck Joan this time as I had missed out last trip. I had even bought some condoms in the hope I could convince Joan to let me cum inside her. Chapter 16 The morning after our arrival Leanne, Joan and I had breakfast together as Leanne was up early to get ready to go out, so no “coffee” with Joan. While Leanne was in the shower Joan asked “Did you bring the things for Kate?” I told her “Yes, I'll give them to you after Leanne goes. You didn't tell anyone else did you?” “Oh no, of course not,” Joan said firmly. At least that was a little reassuring. We said goodbye to Leanne and Joan went off to tidy up after breakfast and I was heading off to mow the lawn when there was a knock on the door. Joan called out “That'll be Kate, could you let her in Rob?” Bloody hell, she's invited Kate over to give her her vibrator while I'm here! What I remembered of Kate was that she was a very self confident and forthright woman, about the same age as Joan. She was short and plump but always immaculately dressed. I sheepishly went and opened the door. She didn't look to have changed much since I last saw her. “Oh, Hi Rob, nice to see you, it's been awhile,” she said with a cheeky grin on her face. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Hi Kate, yes has been a while, how have you been, come in, Joan's in the kitchen.” I followed Kate to the kitchen where she and Joan gave each other a hug and said their hellos. “Why don't you take Kate into the lounge room while I make us morning tea?” Joan asked as she filled the kettle. So Kate and I went into the lounge and Kate sat and motioned for me to sit next to her. “So, what's this I hear about you flashing your cock around the house for Joan, among other things?” Kate just asked straight out. I felt my face go red and a sense of panic set in. “I, eh, don't, eh,” I stuttered out. Kate patted my leg and said “Don't worry, you don't have to explain anything to me. Joan has been telling me what the pair of you have been up to. Even the feather duster incident. It's nothing to do with me. All I know is I haven't seen Joan looking so happy and enjoying life for I don't know how long.” I breathed a sigh of relief as Kate continued “You know Bill was a real bastard to her, wasn't a happy marriage and Joan didn't get much fun out it. Joan is my best friend and I love seeing her like this. I know she is starting to lose her marbles a bit and it sounds like she is, well, being a bit unusual in her demands, but I just hope you can keep doing what she wants for her sake.” Feeling a lot more comfortable I said “I don't think I can say no to her anyway.


 I just get worried Joan is going do something to get me caught with Leanne. That would probably end in divorce” I explained. “Well I'll have a word to her about the importance of discretion. She has always been hard to say no to. So how are your balls anyway?” “Let just say nervous,” I replied with a look of resignation. We both had a laugh. I then said tentatively “Joan asked me to buy some things for you.” “Oh the vibrator. Yes, I couldn't talk her out of it. She was like she had discovered the cure for cancer and she had to get me one. I tried to explain I already had one but she would have none of it. Well I needed a new one away.” “Mine is getting a bit old and worn out,” she added with a cheeky look. Kate was obviously a lot more worldly than Joan. Joan appeared carrying a tray and we all had morning tea. Joan and Kate just chatted about everyday things. Then Joan just said “Rob, show Kate your thingy, I promised you would.” I looked at Kate with a pleading expression. Kate just shrugged and said “Well she did promise. Come on get it out,” then gave me a wink. Resigned I stood up and dropped my jeans and boxers. My cock was soft and looking for a place to hide. Joan said “Well, get all your clothes off and make it get big.” I kicked off my jeans and boxers, took off my t-shirt and started to stroke my cock. I was definitely having stage fright as it didn't want to perform. Kate said “Come over here, looks like you need a hand with that.” I cautiously moved over and stood in front of Kate and she reached over and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it for me. “I haven't held one of these in a long time,” she said smiling up at me. She massaged my balls as she stroked me and soon she had me getting harder. She then wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my balls and stretched them downwards. A drop of pre-cum appeared and Joan said “See look how the slippery stuff comes out.” Kate replied “Joan, I do know how these things work. You know they are nice to touch without gloves on, come over here,” and patted the seat beside her on the couch. Joan got up reluctantly and came over and sat next to Kate. “Here you take it,” Kate suggested. Joan very tentatively reached over and took my cock in her hand. At last she finally had my cock in her hand without gloves. Kate then proceeded to give Joan detailed instructions on how to work a cock. Even getting her to spread my pre-cum around my knob. “It is very slippery,” Joan commented. “Now Joan, I'm going to do something that I really liked to do. Don't go getting all silly on me.” I looked in stunned silence as Kate then proceeded to remove her upper and lower false teeth, sat them on the side table, grabbed my cock off Joan and tugged me closer. She leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock before devouring me. Joan squealed “Kate what are you doing, it's, it's in your mouth.” “Joan, you old prude, it's fine, it's tastes good, you should try it some time. I'm sure Rob won't mind,” she replied giving me another wink before returning to sucking my cock. Boy did Kate know her was around a cock and being sucked by a woman with no teeth, wow . She was amazing, lifting my cock and sucking my balls into her mouth, rolling them around, licking all the way up, pushing my foreskin up then working her tongue under it and swirling it around my knob. Joan just sat and watched looking slightly horrified. I was getting close and said “Kate, I'm not going to hold on much longer.” She took her mouth off my cock, put a finger in her mouth to wet it then slid it back and into my arse as she tugged my balls and said “go for it,” and kept sucking. That was too much for me, I held her head, and grunted as I pumped my cum into Kate's mouth and she just sucked harder till she had it all out of me. Wow, best blow job I have ever had. “Kate, that was amazing,” I panted out. She released me then picked up her napkin, daintily wiped her lips and said “My pleasure, glad to see I haven't lost my touch, I have missed that,” and then popped her teeth back in. Joan was beside herself “Kate, did you make him put white stuff in your mouth, ewe, did you eat it?” “Joan, calm down it's fine, I wanted him to, I like it” “Look, try it” Kate said as she squeezed a last glob of cum out of my cock on to her finger and held it towards Joan. But she just screwed up her face and said “No, that's disgusting, Rob should eat his own mess.” “Suit yourself,” Kate replied and held her finger up to me and I leant down and sucked my cum off Kate's finger. “Now go and get the things I asked you to bring for Kate,” Joan ordered sounding a little mad at me. I went and retrieved the items, then handed them to Kate. “Thanks Rob, I'll put these to good use,” she said with a smile and put them in her handbag. “Don't you want Rob to show you how to use it?” Joan said sounding disappointed. “Joan, I do know how to use it, but,” Kate paused and looked at me “If Rob doesn't mind he could give me a refresher course.” I could hardly refuse Kate after that mind-blowing blowjob she had just given me so I said “Happy to do whatever you ladies want.” Kate smiled then took the vibrator and lube out of her bag and handed them back to me. I proceeded to unpack them and put the batteries in. Kate slipped her shoes off then stood, unbuttoned her dress, then to both my and Joan's surprise, took it off then continued to strip off completely. Her fat belly hung down partially covering her quite hairy pussy. The hair continuing down her thick thighs. But her breasts were fantastic, she had big saggy breasts that fell flat once she removed her huge bra, they almost hung to her belly. Big dark nipples that stretched out of shape under the weight of her breasts. She sat back down and spread her fat legs. “Joan tells me you have some special tricks with your tongue, would you mind doing that first,” Kate asked. Joan said excitedly “Oh yes, you must do that to Kate, it feels really good.” I knelt down between her legs, she had big fat pussy lips so all you could see was her slit, but I was mesmerised by her tits, now hanging to either side of her chest. Kate saw me staring and said “Go on.” So I reached and started to fondle them, they were so heavy and soft, I bent down and sucked her big nipples, squeezing and kneading. Eventually she said “Enough of that,” so I moved down, spread her fat lips apart and went to work licking and sucking her cunt, she was surprisingly wet. “Do the thing with your tongue in her bottom,’ Joan directed. I started to work my way down to her arse but I couldn't reach because of her big cheeks.


I got on my knees and lifted her legs up. Kate obligingly reached around and pulled herself open for me so I got my tongue right into her arsehole. Kate eventually said “Joan, would you mind seeing if his eh, thingy is hard again?” I heard Joan shuffle around behind me. “No Kate, only a little bit “ Joan reported. “Would you be a dear and see if you can make it get hard again,” Kate asked. Then I felt Joan's hand between my legs on my cock and start stroking me up down like milking a cow. At my age getting it up again so soon is usually out of the question but I was having the time of my life. I came up for air and Kate leaned closer and whispered “I want you to fuck me.” Joan had my cock bent back between my legs milking it and playing with my balls just like Kate had shown her. “Oh it's getting a bit bigger, but it's not hard,” Joan said sounding pleased with herself. “Do you mind if I get Rob to put it inside me?” Kate asked. “Yes,we should make him do it to you, it's good when he does it, when Bill did it to me it always hurt.” “Can you put some slippery stuff on it,” Kate asked. I was busy alternating between Kate's arse and her clit and I felt Joan start massaging lube onto my cock. It felt so so good but I was still struggling to get hard again. “I think it's still not hard enough,” Joan commented. “It will need to be hard, try putting your finger in his bottom, that usually helps, put it all the way in and wiggle it around,” Kate suggested. Joan did as Kate said and pushed a finger deep in my arse. I felt her finger against my prostate and my cock start to get firmer. “That's working Kate, I can feel it getting bigger, I think it's ready,” Joan said letting go of me and getting up. I got onto my knees, positioned my cock at Kate's fat slit and slid easily into Kate as she let out a contented groan. I still wasn't fully hard but hard enough. She started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. Kate started to moan and squirm, I was going to have trouble cumimg again. Kate called out “Harder, harder,” so I obliged and really started to pound her fat pussy. She came, wrapping her legs around me and grinding against me. She just held me inside her letting out contented noises, I couldn’t move the way she was holding me and I wasn’t going to be able to cum again and started to go soft and slip out as Kate relaxed and loosened her grip. I flopped back on my legs. Joan looked at me and said “Did you make a mess in Kate?” “No, no I didn't” “But your thingy has gone down and it's my turn.” Before I could answer Kate came to my defence. “Joan, I think he needs a rest, don't you, he can't just keep going all day.” Joan looked disappointed but begrudgingly said “I suppose so.” Kate had got up and put her knickers back on was now putting her bra on. What a sight watching her struggle to get those big things back in. I said “I had better go mow the lawn, otherwise Leanne is going to wonder what I have been up to all day.” I had no objection from Joan so I got up, got dressed and went out to mow the lawn. I came back in and headed nervously to the shower but the ladies were nowhere to be seen. I was just finishing off when Kate walked in. No point covering up. “Joan's making lunch and she asked me to get your clothes to put in the laundry. Oh and she said not to bother getting dressed,” she said with a smirk. “Thanks for the fuck this morning, it has been so long I forgot how good it was.” “My pleasure, and thanks for the blow job, that was the best I have ever had” I replied. “I aim to please. I've had long talk with Joan and I think I have convinced her to be more careful about Leanne finding out. So no more fucking in the lounge room unless she is out. Wanking in the kitchen should be fine.” “What about the bowl?” I asked hopefully. “Well I don't think there is anyway she is going to let you in her mouth, let alone her swallowing so I guess the bowl is easiest to clean up. It's not that bad is it?” “Well guess I'm used to it by now,” I replied. “Good, now, are you rested, Joan really needs a fuck after lunch,” Kate's added as she grabbed my cock and had a quick feel then left the bathroom. I dried off and headed out to lunch naked with two old women feeling very self conscience. We had lunch at the dining room table and chatted like nothing was out of place except Joan seemed very animated. After lunch was cleared up Kate said “Time to continue from this morning I think, let's adjourn to the lounge room.” Kate was even more bossy than Joan. Once we were there Joan just started stripping of her cloths. I looked a bit confused and Kate said “I told Joan it’s more fun naked and also she wants you to play with her tities like you did for me this morning.” Joan sat down in her chair and said “Ok, I’m ready.” I knelt down between Joan’s legs and tentatively reached out and started to fondle her breasts. Nowhere near as big as Kate’s but still beautiful. “Use your mouth like you did to Kate,” Joan demanded. I leant over and sucked a nipple into my mouth. “Mmm, I like that, do the other one,” Joan cooed. I switched nipples as requested then continued alternating left to right. She then started pushing my head down so I trailed my tongue down her flabby belly, through her bush and into her cunt. I worked my tongue into her hole and then sucked on her clit.


 She was starting to moan. I was sitting back on my legs and Kate said “Get up on your knees,” and I complied. Then I felt a cold slippery hand on my cock. Kate was applying lube, damn it felt good, then I felt her warm breath followed by her tongue at my arse. She did my arse as she lubed up my cock. It wasn’t long before she had me hard. “Joan, I've got him ready for you, do you want it in you now?” Kate said. “Mmm, yes, now.” “Now Joan, remember what we talked about. Tell me what you want.” Joan said almost inaudibly “I want the, the cock, inside me.” “Very good, and what do you want him to do with his cock?” Kate added. “I want it, to fuck me,” Joan said again very quietly. After almost a year of fooling around with Joan she finally said a dirty word. I got on my knees and moved into position but Kate said “Wait.” I then noticed that she had stripped off again and she took the hand she had lubed me up with and wiped the excess onto Joan's cunt. “What are you doing Kate!” Joan said looking shocked. “It's all right, just making sure your cunt is ready,” Kate replied as she slipped two fingers into Joan and started to pump them in and out. “Kate!” Joan called out “You shouldn't be doing that!” But Joan made no attempt to stop her. “It's Ok sweety, I'm just finger fucking you. I've always wanted to do this to you. Doesn't it feel good?” Joan had her eyes closed and rather dreamily said “Yes, but it's wrong Kate.” “No more wrong than you making Rob show you his cock, and making him squirt out his cum for you or making him fuck you. It just feels good doesn't it? So why not just do it and have fun?” Joan just seemed to drift off into a world of her own as Kate continued to fuck her with her fingers. “Now we're going to make Rob put this big, hard cock in you and fuck you and make him put white gooey cum inside your cunt and then make him lick it all out again, or I might lick it out of you.” Kate removed her fingers then grabbed my cock and guided me in. I start to fuck Joan nice and slow, it was the first time I had done her from the front and naked as well. Joan reached down towards her cunt but Kate pushed her hand away and said “Don't worry, I'll look after that for you,” and Kate began rubbing Joan's clit. She then leant over and took hold of Joan's right breast and took her nipple into her mouth. Kate's large breasts were dangling as she was bent over and laying partly on Joan and on the chair. I took hold of a breast from each lady so I had Kate's in one hand and Joan's in the other. I fondled their very different tits comparing their nipples. I could even take Kate's saggy tit, pull it out from under her and turn it up so her nipple faced backwards. Joan started to cum so I released the breasts and held Joan's hips and picked up the pace. “That's right sweety, cum for me,” Kate purred still working Joan's clit. That was it for me as well and I started pumping cum into Joan. “Do you feel that? Feel the hot cum going in your cunt? Good isn't it?” Kate said but all Joan could reply was “Mmm.” I pulled out and was about to clean up Joan but Kate just pushed me aside and got between Joan's legs and started licking my cum out of her. I don't think Joan realised just who was licking her cunt at first as she still had her eyes closed. When she did open her eyes and saw me kneeling to one side she looked a little horrified at first but then just closed her eyes again. Kate sat up and looked at me and noticed a dribble of cum still leaking out my cock so she leant over and licked it off. I then noticed the time, 3.00 pm. Leanne was due home about 3.30. “We better tidy up, Leanne will be home soon.” I went and got dressed and when I returned both ladies were just finishing getting their clothes back on. I told Kate “You better put those back in bag,” pointing to the vibrator and lube. Kate replied “Yes I think so,” with a big smile. Leanne arrived home just as we were sitting down to afternoon tea. That was a little close for comfort. When Kate was leaving she said goodbye and gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered “If you're ever in need of a blowjob drop in and see me.” Wow, Kate must been a wild woman in her time. In the morning I wasn't sure what to expect. I should have been well satisfied after yesterday, but the events kept going through my mind so I was hoping Joan was still going to play like usual. I arrived in the kitchen and my bowl and spoon where out. Joan said “Good morning” that sat on her stool expectantly. I got my cock out and started. “I want to make the stuff squirt out. Kate said I should try it,” Joan said and took over stroking my cock. I had been hoping for this for months. I love Kate. Joan stroked my cock and fondled my balls, even spread my pre-cum around with her thumb. “Tell me when it's going to squirt out.” I was still taking a while to cum and Joan said “My arm is getting tired you need to hurry up.” I told her “Ok, I'll do it until it's nearly ready and tell you when.” So I took over stroking and to my surprise Joan kept a hold of my balls. At the right moment I said “Ok, it's going to come out soon” and Joan took over my cock again, held up my bowl and aimed my cock at it until I came. She let go and said “Mmm, I like that, I could feel the stuff coming up your, thing.., eh cock. Now clean that up.” I squeezed the last drip out and licked my bowl clean. It sounded so hot hearing Joan finally say cock. She seemed to think of something then picked up the spoon, I automatically lifted my cock and she wacked my balls. “What was that for?”


“You made a mess on my chair where your stuff leaked out of me. Go and clean it up then you can have coffee.” I got a damp cloth and went and cleaned my cum off the chair. Seems like some things won't change. Chapter 17 Four weeks later we were back. In the morning Joan just took hold of me straight away and as I hadn't cum for a few days I wasn't going to take too long. I let her know when so she could get my bowl ready and she milked me into it. Joan seemed really pleased with herself. Just after lunch Leanne came and found me to say “Apparently Joan has organised for you to go and mow Kate's lawn tomorrow morning, is that Ok with you?” I said “First I've heard of it, but sure that's fine, I've got nothing else on.” Those two scheming old ladies! But the thought of one of Kate's amazing blowjobs without teeth made sure I couldn't refuse. At morning coffee I had just told Joan I was about to cum but she let go of my cock straight way and said “Kate said to make sure I made you get big but not make any stuff squirt out of you this morning, she wants it.” Kate only lived about 15 minutes away. I figured Joan had come up with the mowing the lawn excuse because Kate lived in an apartment. Hope Leanne never goes to visit. I spent an amazing few hours with Kate, naked in her bed, licking, sucking and fucking and finishing with her slipping a finger in my arse and sucking the cum right out of me. Chapter 18 Over the next 6 months or so this became the routine. Joan milking my cock into my bowl before coffee. She even said she preferred it if my cock started soft because she liked the feel of it getting hard in her hand. I still copped the occasional belt in the balls if Joan thought I had done something wrong. On two more occasions when Leanne went out for the day Kate would come over to have a fuck with Joan and I. Joan would ring for me to bring her more lube when she was running out or to change her batteries because they were hard to change on her toy. Obviously her toy was giving her plenty of joy and she always seemed bright and cheerful. I never knew for sure but I suspect Kate called around between our visits and fooled around with Joan as well. We got a call from Leanne's sister a couple of weeks before Joan's 77th birthday to say she had had a stroke. She passed a few days later. I met Kate at the funeral and we had a big hug. She said “Thank you for giving poor old Joan some fun in last part of her life. I know she really enjoyed herself. I did to bye the way.” Then she told me she was moving away to be closer to her family now that her best friend was gone but I should try to come and see her before then. I did manage to go and see her for one last fuck and amazing blowjob before she left and she even let me take a few pictures for old times sake. When we were cleaning out Joan's house the first thing I did was find my bowl and hide it in the car. Leanne was doing Joan's bedroom when she came out smiling holding Joan's vibrator and said “Who would have thought, the dirty old thing.” I still have many happy memories and a few pictures from those 18 months or so. I keep my bowl in the shed and occasionally jerk off into it looking at Kate and Joan's pictures and dutifully eat up my cum.